DEBAF NIGERIA LIMITED with it’s professional team in their respective practice has been involved in sales maintenance and repair services, execution of large engineering projects, feasibility and research works. All these make our end result doubtless and distinctive. Our establishment deals with over 40 employees of various categories during a full time engagement period. They include technicians, craftsmen and a majority of unskilled labours who end up as craftsmen and technicians after a period of participating in our in house training program.

MISSION STATEMENT: DEBAF NIGERIA LIMITED is to provide good quality engineering services, procurement and construction service to our clients with high commitment to people service profile philosophy while ensuring safety in actualizing your dream

VISION: We strive to be high value player in all our business concerns, by ensuring A TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE as well as SAFETY OF PERSONNEL AND EQUIPMENT.

DEBAF NIGERIA LIMITED Has a clearly defined set of values and benefits which sum up our raison desire and underpin all our activities. We are proud of our company values as well as committed to delivering them consistently.

DEBAF Nigeria Limited is certified by the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers

DEBAF Nigeria Limited has been certified as a member of the Nigerian Engineering Society (NIME). This proves that we have far exceeded the requirement to be the best in the engineering industry. Through the quality of our products and services, we have carved our names in the stones of innovation. We never stop to innovate, we never stop to be the best and we never stop to serve you better. — CEO, Debaf Nigeria Limited


Client focused: We are committed to understand the changing needs of our clients and our business will evolve in accordance with their requirements.

We simply put, when our clients are successful, we are successful.

We have a long track record of making our clients our highest priority, they deserve our best, and we give it to them

A People Business: Our staffs are most valuable asset and we give full priority to their welfare, health and safety.

Pride: We are proud of the company we work for and take great pride in a job well done.

Environment: We care deeply about achieving a sensitive and sustainable balance between the needs of wild life, the environment and man.

Integrity: We operate with utmost integrity in every facet of our business.

Obafemi Olajide

Managing Director